Welcome To Placement Point

Dear Aspirants,
Placement Point is the outcome by the vision of Management Fundamental of Market. We provide Jobs and Manpower to All Segment of Educational, Banking, Retail, IT, insurance, BPO, Automobile, FMCG and Media sector. Placement Point Kota uses smart agents running on a cluster of networked computers that scan the web and identify job listings on the internet such as on small recruitment agencies websites which may only display few jobs or on larger job boards that feature thousands of jobs. Those listings are then scanned daily and the jobs found are added to the job index.
Placement Point Kota works closely with employers’ and job seekers to provide a platform for enhancing their productivity.For the recruiters, the site is the perfect platform to reach an expansive database of talented, entry level employees. There is a wide range of recruitment solutions such as showcasing your company to the graduate community through online videos, presentations etc.
We have been created to fulfill a vision of empowering job seekers with knowledge so that they make a wiser decision while choosing their career and alma mater. JOb Seekers can use Placement Point Kota website as one stop destination to search about their dream jobs,available oppurtunities,hiring process and lots more interactive tools to simplify the process of finding alma-mater. The website has the repository of more than 1000 industries and 1000 jobs categorized in different streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts and much more. One can classify jobs on the basis of location, ranking, ratings,salary and facility for different job prospects.

Placement Point Kota wish to all the aspirant for their bright future in their near career !